Friday, October 31, 2014

Malawi Day 2- Nasiyaya School

We started off the day at the Mary's Meals office in Blantyre. 

We got to meet Dalitso who is head of school feeding in Malawi. 

After visiting the Mary's Meals office, we headed out to visit one of the schools I raised the money to build. The school was called Nasiyaya Lea School. 

The cooks sang for us while they cooked the porridge. 

I also got to help stir the porridge. 

While we were waiting for the porridge to finish cooking, we went to visit one of the class rooms. There were 110 children in the class room. 

The children were very excited to show us their Mary's Meals mugs.

The children also sang three songs for us. 

The children were very patient while waiting for their food.

The children receiving their porridge.

Since Mary's Meals started feeding in this school the enrollment has increased from 630 to almost 1000 kids. 

All the children eating their porridge.

I also got to meet the older kids at the school.

The kids at the school like to have their picture taken. 

At the schools they have a book that all the guests sign. 

While I was at the school I got to meet Christopher who is the monitor for that school.

Dad at the school. 

Ellen Miller danced with the kids.

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