Thursday, October 30, 2014

Malawi Day One-Arriving in Malawi

About to get on our plane from Ethopia to Malawi

We have arrived in Malawi. We flew from DC to Ethopia and from Ethopia to Malawi.

View from our plane window leaving Ethopia

Arriving in Malawi!!
We we arrived in Malawi, Mike Miller (Finance Officer for Mary's Meals) who is also from Iowa picked us up at the airport. He took us to our hotel and we rested for a little while.

In Malawi it is best to use mosquito nets at night. This is my bed and mosquito net.

After we had rested we walked over to Mike and Alex Miller's house for supper.  

Ellen Miller (Mike's Mom) who is also in Malawi right now, walked us over.
While we were at dinner we met some of the Mary's Meals staff who live and work (for Mary's Meals) in Malawi.

Alex, Mike and I.

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