Saturday, November 1, 2014

Malawi Day 3-Under 6 Center

Today we had the opportunity to visit an under 6 center called Chamusa. An under 6 center is a place where children (age ~3-6) can go, receive a good meal and learn basic school lessons. 

The children were excited to have visitors. They sang some songs for us and showed us how they could count. 

When it was time to eat all the children lined up to wash their hands. 

The teachers sat them down in rows.

The cooks served the food and we passed the plates out to the children. The cooks and the teachers of this school are ALL VOLUNTEERS who give up most of everyday toe feed and teach the children. 

The white stuff is a thick porridge type thing and the gray stuff is little fish. 

It is amazing to think that at this school more then half the kids are orphans. 

We got to see their newly painted classroom. 

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