Thursday, October 17, 2013

St. Theresa School Rally for Mary's Meals

On Monday (the 16th) went spend part of the with Magnus, Patty Decker (MM USA), Andrea Dale (MM executive director), Ellen Miller, and Marylin Lane.

From L to R: Andrea, Mom (Pam), Me, Magnus, Marylin, Ellen and Patty.

St. Theresa School in Des Moines hosted a rally for Mary's Meals. It was fun!

Joseph introducing Magnus
All of the children were very attentive

Magnus speaking

In the past few days the students of St. Theresa School had been collecting money for Mary's Meals. They collected over $700 dollars!

Presenting the check to Magnus

These two (cute) little students gave Magnus a gift from the school

School-wide picture with Magnus!

Joseph with his parents, sister and Magnus. Joseph was inspired by hearing Magnus at the Christ Our Life Conference last year. He (and his school) have raised over $17,000 for Mary's Meals!

Magnus, Ellen and Ellen's niece Rea

Magnus and I

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