Thursday, January 10, 2013

BBC Live 5 Radio Interview Tomorow

Yesterday I got a email  from Mary’s Meals in Scotland asking if I would do an interview with BBC Live 5 radio.

After a few emails, I talked on the phone with the producer of the radio program.  I will have my live interview at about 6:35AM Iowa time on this Friday January 10th 2013 (tomorrow).  The interview will be about my fundraising for Mary’s Meals.  They will archive the program and it should be available online for about 7 days.

I will be interviewed by a Shelagh Fogarty. She will also be interviewing Charlie Doherty and Magnus McFarlane-Barrow.

Please pray for me as I do this interview as this is the most listened to Radio in the United Kingdom, with 35 million listeners per week.

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